A Short History of the Toronto Indie Music Scene | Documentary 05:42

A Short History of the Toronto Indie Music Scene | Documentary

Chart Attack presents a short documentary showing the past, present, and future of indie music in Toronto. Featuring Wavelength's Jonny Dovercourt. Produced ...

History of Indie Music 10:48

History of Indie Music

PlaylistResearch.com and SacTV.com owner Alex Cosper explains the history of independent labels dating back to the early days of the recording industry. The ...

hum badal gaye    indie music history 01:01

hum badal gaye indie music history

http://topgamerz.org/ Axl Hazarika - hum badal gaye indie music history Axl Hazarika, the Indie rock artist, has become the first Assamese to be officially l...

Peter Harper - Will There Be a Cure for Cancer? 01:00

Peter Harper - Will There Be a Cure for Cancer?


Peter Harper looks at the likelihood of a future cure for cancer and the future importance of personalised treatment

Scotland from Above Edinburgh to Fingals Cave Route HD 25:26

Scotland from Above Edinburgh to Fingals Cave Route HD

This journey goes coast to coast across Scotland. We start in Edinburgh and fly up the Forth River visiting historic landmarks, including its famous bridge.

We then t

Scottish Coach Holidays  Highland Escapades 00:46

Scottish Coach Holidays Highland Escapades

Highland Escapades specialises in offering local, national and international tourists fantastic coach tour holidays to Scotland. Our partner coach tour operators run tour

Top 10 Greek Islands 05:25

Top 10 Greek Islands

This video is a compilation of 10 amazing Greek islands that anyone who is thinking of going Greek on their holidays this year should visit.

The top 10 includes:

Intriguing Ipswich 03:19

Intriguing Ipswich

Ipswich is an incredibly ancient town to visit and is reputed to be Englands oldest continuously inhabited town. Once an important port in the Roman Empire, there is stil

Visiting Historical Thetford 03:23

Visiting Historical Thetford

Just south of Thetford Forest you will find the small but charming Norfolk market town of Thetford. An important Celtic tribe lived around there during the Iron Age and e

Wonderful Woodbridge 03:40

Wonderful Woodbridge

The lovely town of Woodbridge in Suffolk, East Anglia has seen the area inhabited since the Neolithic Age, and was under Roman occupation for 300 years after Queen Boadic

Visiting Kings Lynn 03:34

Visiting Kings Lynn

Known as Bishops Lynn until 1537, Kings Lynn is a lively seaport and market town in the northeast corner of Norfolk. With 2 museums, museums and other sites of cultural i

Day in Dereham 03:12

Day in Dereham

The central Norfolk town of Dereham is locared 15 miles west of Norwich and has a bustling population of nearly 20,000 people. In the last century, archeological findings

Visiting Halesworth 02:45

Visiting Halesworth

The small market town of Halesworth with its population of 6,000 people is found in the northeast of the county of Suffolk. Beginning its history initially as a Roman set

Sites in Sudbury 02:26

Sites in Sudbury

The small market town of Sudbury is found in Suffolk, close to the Essex border. Just 60miles from London, it has a population of around 13,000, not including the surroun

Visiting Rayleigh 02:36

Visiting Rayleigh

The market town of Rayleigh is in the English county of Essex, and is found located between Chelmsford and SouthendonSea, just 32 miles east of Central London. Near to th

5 Reasons To Avoid Ayrshire At All Costs 04:25

5 Reasons To Avoid Ayrshire At All Costs

Ive been to a lot of places and Ive done a lot of things but if I can give you one bit of advice if you ever get the opportunity to go to a place called Ayrshire...dont.

Charming Colchester 02:01

Charming Colchester

The historical town of Colchester in Essex is believed to be the oldest town in England it is the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain and was once the capital in Roman

Checking Out Ipswich 03:20

Checking Out Ipswich

Ipswich is the county town of the English county of Sussex in the East of England and boasts a population of nearly 150,000 people. One of the oldest towns in England, an

Wickford Essex 02:04

Wickford Essex

Just 30 miles East of London as you head towards to the sea, in the county of Essex is where you will find the town of Wickford. With a population of around 33,000, it is

Things to do in Kos 01:50

Things to do in Kos

With a host of fun activities for all ages, Kos is the perfect holiday destination for families, groups and couples. The island is a treasure trove of activities just wai


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