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Paul Ellis   Will There Be a Cure for Cancer 01:02

Paul Ellis Will There Be a Cure for Cancer


Paul Ellis discusses the current treatments for cancer and the likelihood of a future cure for the disease.

What is Indie Music? 10:07

What is Indie Music?

A project trying to explain exactly what Indie music is. All of the field work was done in Gainesville FL. Video by Omar Sebti and Chrissie Fernandez.

Bowel Cancer Visual Aid Video 01:12

Bowel Cancer Visual Aid Video

This video is a new style Ive been trying to make to better present information on health issues.

I really like these movement style videos as they are more lively than

Questions About Cancer 03:55

Questions About Cancer

In this video were answering some questions regarding cancer. Were looking at what kidney cancer is, why we get cancer, what some symptoms of a specific cancer are, why w

Family Practice Doctor Salary 04:36

Family Practice Doctor Salary

The average family practice doctor salary is over 172,000 per year. Family practice doctors provide care for the entire family from infants to older adults. They often


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