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Paul Ellis Will There Be a Cure for Cancer

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    Paul Ellis discusses the current treatments for cancer and the likelihood of a future cure for the disease.

    “In one sense there are many different types of cancer and we need to tackle each one individually, and we’re making huge strides in the development in some of those cancers and perhaps slightly slower strides in some of the others.

    But at its simplest, I think that we can have great optimism in what's happening cancer medicine generally.”
    “We are now at the stage where we understand so much about the cancer cell and the processes that make a cancer cell different from a normal cell.

    Once you understand that, then there’s huge potential to try and improve that process.

    If you’d asked me that question ten years ago I’d have said I think we still a long way away from that.

    Just in the last couple of years, the incredible new advances in our understanding mean that I think that what was once a rather philosophical pipe dream is now much more a potential reality.”