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David Landau - Will There Be a Cure for Cancer?

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    David Landau talks about the likelihood of a future cure for cancer and how patients are likely to be given treatment.

    “There is no question that an increasing proportions of cancer patients all going to be cured year on year.

    One of the biggest factors is going to be screening, molecular screening is going to be introduced and more and more patients will have their cancers diagnosed at a very early and more curable stage.”
    “The treatments available to patients with the cancers that are curable are also increasing.

    We've talked already a little bit about it - we've mentioned surgery, radiotherapy and radiofrequency ablation.

    There are more and more modalities available to treat patients who might not otherwise have been a fit with curative treatments.

    For patients whose tumours are slightly more advanced the new systemic therapies, wither they are chemotherapy or biological agents will also mean that increasingly large proportions of patients will be cured from their cancers.”
    “So I don't think personally that there's going to be a single cure for patients with cancer, but I am optimistic that higher and higher proportions of patients’ year-on-year will be cured.”