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Peter Harper - Will There Be a Cure for Cancer?

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    Peter Harper looks at the likelihood of a future cure for cancer and the future importance of personalised treatment for patients.

    “I don't believe that we've reached anywhere near a cure for cancer, which is sad after many decades of hard work by everyone throughout the world.

    But I think where we are all going is that we are going to have more personalized care for each individual.

    This means that the treatment is likely to be developed entirely for your tumour based on molecular markers of that cancer, what people may know of as perhaps the gene or genomics.”
    “I think that by personalizing the care to that patient, to you, then what will happen is we don't use drugs which don't work.

    We will use drugs which could work and we could be much more honest about the whole process and spare a lot of the history of the treatment of cancer, where patients know of patients who have had treatments which have made them suffer - we don't want to do that.”