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Botox Injections For Lines and Wrinkles

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    Commonly associated as treatment used on the face, Botox also known less formally as Botulinum toxin injections are arguably the most wellknown cosmetic treatments known.

    We provide the treatment here at our clinic in Melksham.

    In this video Dr.Gabriel gives some insights in to the treatment, how it can be performed and what the benefits are for those who wish to receive a Botox treatment.

    As mentioned in the video, Botox is incredible at visibly reducing lines on the upper third of the head and is a great treatment option for anyone looking to offset the appearance of deep set wrinkles in the forehead.

    It also works to soften the appearance of dreaded crows feet.

    The injections in the treatment are very simple and quick.

    There are small bumps immediately after an injection but these settle down and arent visible within roughly 20 minutes of any work having been carried out.

    Botox works by softening the muscle action of the affected area.

    This softening causes the lines to smooth out as the muscle relaxes and offsets the appearance of problem lines.

    Within 2 weeks, patients get to see the full extent of the treatment and will be left with incredibly smooth skin.

    If youd like to find out more information about Botox, or any other treatment for that matter, please visit our website to get in touch.

    You can see other Botox treatment videos on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=botox injections uk

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