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Moving A Radiator Across A Room

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    How can you move a radiator from an awkward part of the room to one where it can work effectively and be best suited for use? Jimmy the Plumber is going you how in todays Trade Radiator video.

    Youll be shown how to take quite a daunting task and how to make it easy to carry out just as long as you know where to start, what common mistakes to look out for and what you need a radiator to do if you are planning on moving it in a room where there are floorboards.

    As you can see in the video, the room has some nice floorboards which we wouldnt want to damage at any part of the removal and re installation.

    Pipe flow is a very important step of this whole job.

    Around the minute mark of the video, Jimmy explains a little bit about why the nails in the boards can reveal where the rafters are and in turn tell us where to run the pipe along.

    Youll hear him describe why it is important to make cuts in the boards nearest to the rafters so we dont want to leave the boards in a potentially prone position upon reinsertion.

    Obstacles can be a problem on a job like this.

    Luckily we can prevent most of the common problems from any move happening by taking a step back and assessing things.

    One of the best things to do, as we see Jimmy do, is a premeasure of the width of the new radiator.

    The big problem we have in this instance is having to work around a plug socket.

    Jimmy centralises the radiator above the socket and then begins to measure and mark out where he needs to drill copper inserts.

    Then the exciting part happens we get to lift the boards and have a look underneath.

    Again this takes a bit of pre planning as Jimmy marks out and makes the holes for where the piping will go before being able to connect the new radiator to the system.

    He then pipes up both sides of the radiator and threads through pipe from the other side of the room.

    The most important thing to remember when carrying out a job like this is that it requires a fair bit of preplanning.

    Carrying out everything step by step may seem a bit slow, but as Jimmy points out, you dont want to find yourself going in to this headfirst and finding yourself with more problems than you need during the move.

    And afterwards some post installation work needs carried out.

    This simply means you to make sure everything is nice and tight and there arent any hidden leaks under the floor.

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