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The Different Types of Used Office Chairs

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    This video is a slideshow showing the three types of used office chairs you can get.

    Without peaking down this description, can you guess what the three types are exactly? Not many people know that there are categories for used office chairs that a simple seat can fall under.

    While you see the chairs pop up in this video, here is exactly what each type of used office chair is and why its important to differentiate between the three.

    Type Number 1 Operator Chairs
    Operator chairs are your functional day to day kind of chair that youll spend most of the working day in behind your desk.

    These chairs will almost always have an adjustable height functionality and some sort of back support although dont forget to get up and give yourself a good stretch every once in a while.

    They will also be swivel based i.e.

    theyll have four to five wheels on the bottom to make movement easy.

    An operator chair at the lower end of the price scaled that does the job will be about 20 and focus on functionality over looks.

    A very highend operator that has a slew of features and benefits can go anywhere from 60 all the way up to 160.

    They usually have the added benefit of weight control, seat

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